If you have the capital to invest and catering experience in hand, there are great chances that we could work together for mutual benefits.

We are specialized in Asian Food and our restaurant has been established in Birmingham since 2008. The core of our business revolves around Fresh Food. The success of our business has been, the induction of Fast Food Menu into our regular restaurant menu. This concept was very much endorsed by the community and since we opened our doors, we had been a great success.

The basic aim was to offer healthy food option to general public and especially to working professionals who always work against the time and don’t have any healthy options to feed themselves in quick time. Our guests very much liked and enjoyed our healthy meal options which are fresh, good quality, reasonably prices and served in quick time.

We are in a planning stage to bring our successful Fresh and Quality food concept in your neighbourhood in near future. If you like to be part of a successful food retail business, please register us your interest as soon as possible.

Your interest will help us in choosing the right neighbourhood, region and as well as, will benefit you as the first respondent, and will put you on top while choosing our local associates.

Hope to get in touch with you soon. The Management
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